AT&T reviews

AT&T reviews

AT&T is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, offering various services, including wireless, internet, and TV. However, AT&T customer reviews are mixed, with some praising the company’s coverage and speeds while others complaining about poor customer service and high prices.

Positive reviews

Some of the positive things that customers say about AT&T include:

  • Good coverage: AT&T has one of the broadest coverage areas of any wireless carrier in the United States. This means that customers expect good service even in rural areas.
  • Fast speeds: AT&T offers some of the fastest wireless speeds in the country. This is ideal for customers who stream video, play games, or download large files frequently.
  • Reliable service: Many customers say they have had reliable service with AT&T, with few dropped calls or outages.
  • Good customer support: Some customers say they have had good experiences with AT&T customer support. They were able to get their problems resolved quickly and efficiently.

Negative reviews

Some of the negative things that customers say about AT&T include:

  • High prices: AT&T is known for its high prices, especially its wireless plans.
  • Poor customer service: Many customers complain about poor customer service experiences with AT&T. They say that it is difficult to get through to customer service representatives and that they are often given the runaround.
  • Hidden fees: Some customers complain about hidden fees on their AT&T bills. They say they were only aware of these fees once they received their bill.
  • Unreliable service: Some customers say they have needed more reliable service with AT&T, with frequent dropped calls and outages.

Overall assessment

Overall, AT&T’s customer reviews are mixed. Some customers are happy with the company’s coverage, speeds, and reliability, while others are frustrated by its high prices and poor customer service.

Considering switching to AT&T, weighing the pros and cons carefully is essential. If you are looking for the best coverage and speeds, AT&T is a good option. However, consider a different carrier if you are concerned about price or customer service.

Here are some tips for getting the best experience with AT&T:

  • Shop around for the best deals: AT&T often offers discounts to new customers and families. You can also compare AT&T’s plans to those of other carriers before you sign up.
  • Be aware of hidden fees: Read your bill carefully before you pay it. Make sure you understand all of the costs that are being charged.
  • Be proactive with customer service: If you have a problem with your service, take your time with it. Contact customer service immediately and be persistent until your issue is resolved.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of having a positive experience with AT&T.


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